Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos): Original Soundtrack 2009 Music by Alberto Iglesias CD-New $49.99


Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos): Original Soundtrack 2009 CD-New Made In UK.


The tone of Pedro Almodóvar’s film, has been captured brilliantly by composer Alberto Iglesias in this absorbing soundtrack, which mirrors the film’s narrative between past and present, image and image-making. Following the director’s injunction that the music should convey a mood of stealth, Iglesias sets the scene with “Tema de amor ciego”, where low strings bring to the fore the darker side of this tale. In “Peeping Tom”, guitar then oboe catch the neuroses of character and location that wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch film. Iglesias expresses these tensions and anxieties with the lightest of touches, using flecks of colour sparingly, heightening drama through suggestion and allowing the music its own airy discourse.

The film includes an original soundtrack album composed entirely by Alberto Iglesias, which was released in Spain on CD format to coincide with the film’s release. The film also includes two English tracks from American artists: “Robot Oeuf” by Uffie, and a cover of Michael Hurley‘s “Werewolf” by Cat Power.

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1 Alberto Iglesias Títulos De Crédito 1:28
2 Alberto Iglesias Tema De Amor Ciego (1) 1:13
3 Alberto Iglesias La Visita De Ray X 1:12
4 Alberto Iglesias El Cajón Abierto 1:35
5 Alberto Iglesias El Espía Atrapado 1:43
6 Alberto Iglesias Llamadas Telefónicas 1:38
7 Alberto Iglesias Caida, Recogida Y Rayos X 3:54
8 Alberto Iglesias Habitación Con Amante 1:32
9 Miguel Poveda Final Y A Ciegas

10 Alberto Iglesias El Sabor De Tu Boca 1:06
11 Cat Power Werewolf

Written-By – M. Hurley*
12 Alberto Iglesias Tema De Amor Ciego (2) 1:05
13 Alberto Iglesias Famara 3:35
14 Alberto Iglesias Peeping Tom 3:03
15 Alberto Iglesias Pasillo Del Tiempo 1:51
16 Alberto Iglesias Encuentro 1:25
17 Alberto Iglesias La Noche 0:55
18 Alberto Iglesias Retake 1:22
19 Alberto Iglesias Dona Sangre 2:39
20 Alberto Iglesias Chicas Y Maletas 0:51
21 Alberto Iglesias El Documental 1:52
22 Alberto Iglesias Hospital Y Famara 2:10
23 Alberto Iglesias Los Abrazos Rotos 2:56
24 Can Vitamin C

Written-By – Suzuki*, Shuring*, Schmidt*, Liebezeit*, Karoli*
25 Uffie Robot Oeuf

Written-By – Hartley*, Pianta*, Feadz, Uffie


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