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Elsa Lunghini 1988

Elsa Lunghini, stage name Elsa (born 20 May 1973), is a French singer and actress. She was a teenage pop-star in the late-1980s. In 1986, she was the youngest singer to reach number one in the French charts, with the single “T’en va pas”, and she went on to sell millions of records during the decade. Elsa, her album of 1988, had achieved double-platinum status by 1993. With the help of her musician father, she recorded her LP Elsa. It sold more than 600,000 copies with hit singles such as “Quelque chose dans mon cœur” (“Something in my heart”), “Jour de neige” (“Snowing day”), “Jamais nous” (with backing vocals by French singer Laurent Voulzy) (“Never us”), “Un Roman d’amitié” (duet with Glenn Medeiros) (“Friend you give me a Reason”), “À la même heure dans deux ans” (“At the same time in two years”). All were top 10 hits. At that time, Lunghini was the only artist to have her first four singles at number one or two. She became popular in the teen press, often compared with Vanessa Paradis.

After the success of her first two singles, “T’en va pas“, which peaked at #1 for eight weeks on the official singles chart (Top 50), and “Quelque chose dans mon cœur“, #2 hit, Elsa decided to release her first album. In it, there are collaborations with Didier Barbelivien, Élisabeth Anaïs for texts, and her father (Georges Lunghini) for compositions. Georges also co-signed ten of the eleven songs on the album.

In the French TV program Sacrée Soirée compered by Jean-Pierre Foucault, Elsa met Glenn Medeiros, which generated the duet “Un Roman d’amitié (Friend Give Me a Reason)“. It was the next single from the album. Once again, it was a success, reaching #1 on the Top 50 for six weeks during 1988 summer. Thereafter, Elsa also released three other singles on this album, which were all ranked in the top ten on the singles chart.

Track listing

# Title Length
1. “Mon Cadeau”
(Didier Barbelivien / Vincent-Marie BouvotGeorges Lunghini)
2. “Sud-Africaine”
(Pierre Grosz / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
3. Un Roman d’amitié (Friend Give Me a Reason)” (duet with Glenn Medeiros)
(Diane Warren / Robbie Buchanan) French adaptation: Didier Barbelivien
4. “Jimmy voyage”
(Élisabeth AnaïsDidier Golemanas / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
5. “Le Rôle de sa vie”
(Pierre Grosz / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
6. Jour de neige
(Pierre Grosz / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
7. Jamais nous1
(Didier Barbelivien / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
8. Quelque chose dans mon cœur
(Pierre Grosz / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
9. “Celui qui viendra”
(Didier Barbelivien / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)
10. À la même heure dans deux ans
(Pierre Grosz / Raymond Donnez – Georges Lunghini)
11. “Nostalgie cinema”
(Dorine Hollier / Vincent-Marie Bouvot – Georges Lunghini)

Video: Glenn Medeiros & Elsa Lunghini – Un roman d’amitie – Studio performance 16/10/1988

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