Fortunata y Jacinta 1980 by Benito Pérez Galdóz 3DVDs (Multizona) Used Like New $56.99


Fortunata y Jacinta 1980 by Benito Pérez Galdóz 3DVDs (Multizona) Used Like New Made In España.

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Fortunata y Jacinta 1980 by Benito Pérez Galdóz

Galdoz’s four-part Fortunata and Jacinta (1886-7), the masterpiece among his almost 80 novels, tells the turbulent story of two women, their husbands and their lovers, set against the intricate web of dynastic alliances and class contrasts of Madrid in the 1870s.

Fortunata and Jacinta tells the stories of the two women of the title. First, however, it is the story of Juanito Santa Cruz (also called the Dauphin), the much-loved and overly coddled only son of a fairly well-to-do couple, Don Baldomero and Barbarita.
Galdós builds his story up slowly, going into a good deal of background-detail throughout the novel, detours that eventually allow him to present the sweeping picture of life in Madrid at the time — a time of great political, social, and technological change. His light touch and sure descriptions — finding the right words or the appropriate brief episode to convey great changes or specific aspects of this world — leave little that is tiresome. Still: this is a novel that moves far and wide, and often leaves some of the central characters by the wayside. (Also effective is the use of his first person narrator, in the background almost to the point of invisibility, but occasionally resurfacing with the familiar personal touch.)

Series Cast: 

Fernando Fernán Gómez- Fernando Fernán Gómez was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director, theater director and member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Charo López

Maribel Martín

Ana Belén-María del Pilar Cuesta Acosta (born 27 May 1951, Madrid) better known by her stage name Ana Belén is a Spanish actress and singer.

Mario Pardo

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