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L.A. Is My Lady

L.A. Is My Lady is a 1984 studio album by Frank Sinatra, produced by Quincy Jones. It was the last solo album that Sinatra recorded, though Sinatra recorded five further songs, only four of which have been officially released.

Frank Sinatra’s final studio album of the ’80s — arguably the last true original album Sinatra recorded — was an uneven but surprisingly enjoyable set that tried to adapt the singer’s style to contemporary pop standards. Under the direction of arranger/producer Quincy Jones, the album incorporated more synthesizers and slick production techniques than any previous Sinatra album, but the result usually doesn’t sound forced, especially on the hit title song. When the album does fail, it is because Jones’ overly ambitious and commercial production — such as the insistent dance beat of “How Do You Keep the Music Playing” — prevents the song from taking root. Nevertheless, everyone involved, from Sinatra and Jones to the band themselves, sounds like they’re having fun, and that sense of joy effortlessly translates to the listener.

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