Riccardo Cocciante Concierto Para Margarita 2001 CD


Condition : 1CD Used Like New Riccardo Cocciante Concierto Para Margarita 1974-1977 Remastered 2001 RCA Records Made In France.

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Riccardo Cocciante began achieving success as a musician around 1972. In 1976, he covered the Beatles song “Michelle” for the musical documentary All This and World War II. That same year, he released his sole English album in the US, with the single “When Love Has Gone Away” peaking at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100In 1991, he won the Sanremo Festival with the song “Se stiamo insieme”, and for Christmas 1997 legendary Spanish operatic tenor and friend Plácido Domingo invited him to sing at Domingo’s annual Christmas in Viennaconcert, together with Sarah Brightman and Helmut Lotti. As of 2008, Cocciante has three musicals running, with Notre-Dame de Paris being the most known. His oeuvre includes recordings in Italian, French, English, and Spanish; he has recorded some of his songs in all four languages, including “Pour Elle” recorded as “Per Lei” in Italian, “Para Ella” in Spanish, and “I’d Fly” in English.

Track Listing : 

1 A Pesar De Todo 3:28
2 Margarita 4:31
3 En La Orilla Del Rio 4:02
4 Invierno 3:52
5 Primavera 4:57
6 Violencia 4:10
7 Otra Vez 3:47
8 Cuando Se Quiere Tanto 3:36
9 Cuando Yo Me Iré De Aquì 3:25
10 A Pesar De Todo 2:28
Bonus Tracks
11 E L’Alba 4:20
12 Era Ya Todo Previsto 4:16
13 Cuando Termina Un Amor 4:48
14 Lucia 4:31
15 Cuerpo Sin Alma 4:33
16 Poesia

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Concierto Para Margarita