Salvatore Adamo: C’est Ma Vie Les Plus Grands Succès 1964-1978 (Remastered) 2CD-New $52.99


Condition : 2CDs-New For Collectors, Salvatore Adamo C’est Ma Vie Les Plus Grands Succès 1964-1978 Remastered 2003 EMI Records Made In France.

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Salvatore Adamo

Musician Salvatore, Knight Adamo, known commonly as Adamo, is a musician and singer known for his romantic ballads. Adamo grew up from a very early age in Belgium and has made that country his homeland. He first gained popularity throughout Europe and later in the Middle East, Latin America, Japan, and the United States. He has sold more than 80 million albums and 20 million singles making him one of the most commercially successful musicians in the world. He mainly performs in French but has also sung in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish. “Tombe la neige”, “La nuit”, and “Inch’Allah” remain his best known songs. He is currently the best selling Belgian musician of all time.

Video: Salvatore Adamo – Inch Allah (1967)

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Salvatore Adamo C'est Ma Vie Les Plus Grands Succès