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1CD Almost New For Collectors, The Fifth Element: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music by Eric Serra 1997 Virgin Records Made In USA.

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Eric Serra

Éric Serra is a French musician and composer. He has often worked on films by Luc Besson. Éric Serra’s father Claude was a famous French songwriter in the 1950s and ’60s, and, as such, Éric was exposed to music and its production at a young age. His mother died when he was just seven years old. In the early 1980s, Serra met director Luc Besson and was asked to score his first film, Le Dernier Combat. Serra has scored all of Besson’s directed films to date, except Angel-A, and several that Besson has written, such as Wasabi.  Eric Serra’s score to Luc Besson’s visionary yet incomprehensible sci-fi thriller The Fifth Element is a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from triumphant anthems to haunting mood pieces. Serra’s score is diverse and accomplished, and it is just as effective outside of the film as it is within it.



Track listing

1 Little Light Of Love – Eric Serra
2 Mondoshawan – Eric Serra
3 Timecrash – Eric Serra
4 Korben Dallas – Eric Serra
5 Koolen – Eric Serra
6 Akta – Eric Serra
7 Leeloo – Eric Serra
8 Five Millenia Later – Eric Serra
9 Plavalaguna – Eric Serra
10 Ruby Rap – Eric Serra
11 Heat – Eric Serra
12 Badaboom – Eric Serra
13 Mangalores – Eric Serra
14 Lucia Di Lammermoor – The London Symphony Orchestra
15 The Diva Dance – Inva Mulla Tchako
16 Leeloominai – Eric Serra
17 A Bomb In The Hotel – Eric Serra
18 Mina Hinoo – Eric Serra
19 No Cash No Trash – Eric Serra
20 Radiowaves – Eric Serra
21 Human Nature – Eric Serra
22 Pictures Of War – Eric Serra
23 Lakti Ligunai – Eric Serra
24 Protect Life – Eric Serra
25 A Little Light Of Love (End Title) – R.X.R.A.
26 Aknoti Wot? – Eric Serra

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