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“The Songs Of Almodóvar” Soundtrack CD-New Made In USA.

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The films of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar are fairly unique in the ranks of world cinema, for, among other things, their winking diversity of perspectives. Melodrama, black comedy, arty archness, emotional truth, garish overkill, and psychic insights seem to crash together into color-drenched heaps of sensory input. In other words, they hit you on many levels.

Mariachi is the fare that Mexican star Lola Beltran brings, along with Cuban La Lupe’s salsa energy for Almodovar’s well-known Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down quivers to the pulse of Spanish rock band Duo Dinamico.

Video: Bola De Nieve – Ay Amor (La Flor De Mi Secreto)

1 Luz Casal Un Año De Amor (One Year Of Love) 3:21
2 Luz Casal Piensa En Mí (Think Of Me) 4:29
3 Almodóvar & McNamara Suck It To Me 4:30
4 Almodóvar & McNamara Gran Ganga (The Great Ganga) 3:01
5 Monna Bell Estaba Escrito (It Was Written) 2:03
6 Lucho Gatica Encadenados (Chained) 3:17
7 Cheo Feliciano Salí Porque Salí (I Left Because I Left) 4:11
8 Mina Esperame En El Cielo (Wait For Me In Heaven) 3:22
9 Bola De Nieve Ay Amor (Oh My Love) 2:34
10 Chavela Vargas En El Último Trago (In The Last Sip) 2:43
11 Lola Beltrán Soy Infeliz (I’m Unhappy) 3:10
12 La Lupe Puro Teatro (Pure Theatre) 2:59
13 Dúo Dinámico Resistiré (I Will Resist) 4:03
14 Almodóvar & McNamara Voy A Ser Mamá (I’m Going To Be A Mother) 2:32
15 Almodóvar & McNamara Satanasa 3:57
16 Maysa Mataraso Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away) 3:51
17 Almodóvar & McNamara Susan Get Down 3:52
18 Trio Los Panchos Lo Dudo (I Doubt It) 2:44
19 Bola De Nieve Dejame Recordar (Let Me Remember) 1:52
20 Miguel De Molina La Bien Pagá (The Well Paid One) 3:37
21 Zarah Leander Nur Nicht Aus Liebe Weinen 3:21
22 Chavela Vargas Luz De Luna (Moonlight) 3:28
23 Fernanda Y Bernarda De Utrera Se Nos Rompió El Amor (Our Love Was Broken) 4:17


This compilation covers the whole filmography of Pedro Almodóvar from his beginning until 1995.

All songs taken from the following Almodóvar’s films:

1980: “Pepi, Luci, Bom And Other Girls” (track 5)
1982: “Labyrinth Of Passion” (tracks 3, 4)
1983: “Dark Habits” (tracks 6, 7)
1984: “What Have I Done To Deserve This” (tracks 20, 21)
1985: “Matador” (track 8)
1987: “Law Of Desire” (tracks 14-19)
1988: “Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown” (tracks 11, 12)
1989: “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down” (track 13)
1991: “High Heels” (tracks 1, 2)
1993: “Kika” (tracks 22, 23)
1995: “The Flower Of My Secret” (tracks 9, 10)

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