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Tieta Do Agreste 1996

Carlos Diegues directed this 1996 comedy based on a Jorge Amado novel. Sonia Braga stars. Just when her family starts believing that she is dead, and that they can expect a rich heritage, Tieta returns from São Paulo to her native village in Bahia, which she had been forced to leave long ago because of some involvement with a goat herd. Believed to be fabulously rich – and nobody knows how – she brings to the great disappointment of her family a young step-daughter and heir. With the arrival of Tieta turmoil enters into the life of her family and their fellow villagers. Most particularly into the life of her nephew – promised to the Church – and the young aspiring mayor.

Caetano Emanuel Viana Teles Veloso, (born 7 August 1942) is a Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, writer, and political activist. Veloso first became known for his participation in the Brazilian musical movement Tropicalismo, which encompassed theatre, poetry and music in the 1960s, at the beginning of the Brazilian military dictatorship that took power in 1964. He has remained a constant creative influence and best-selling performing artist and composer ever since. Veloso has won nine Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards. On November 14, 2012, Veloso was honored as the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year.


1     A Luz de Tieta (feat. Gal Costa) 5:56
2     Imaculada 1:14
3     O Motor da Luz (feat. Gal Costa) 4:51
4     Coração-pensamento 2:56
5     Perpétua e Zé Esteves 2:38
6     Tieta Sorri Para Perpétua (A Luz de Tieta) 1:01
7     Venha cá 2:23
8     Ascânio no Jeguinho (Coração-pensamento) 0:38
9     Zé Esteves 0:55
10  Tieta e Ascânio (Coração-pensamento) 3:56
11  Coraçãozinho (feat. Gal Costa & Flora Diegues) 0:54
12  Miragem de Carnaval (feat. Zezé Motta) 5:18
13  Leonara na Janela (Coração-pensamento) 1:52
14  Vento (feat. Gal Costa) 2:58
15  Perpétua 2:52
16  Tieta Vê Lucas (Venha Cá ) 0:20
17  Canto das Lavadeiras (O Motor da Luz) 2:41
18  Construção da Casa (Coraçãzinho) 2:15
19  O Prefeito Relembra (Vento) 0:27
20  Festa (Vento/A Luz de Tieta/Coração-pensamento/Miragem de Carnaval) 4:02
21  Cardo Vai Embora (Imaculada/Vento) 3:08
22  Tonha e Tieta (Zé Esteves) 1:30
23  Final (Vento/Coração-pensamento/O Motor da Luz) 3:28
24  Miragem de Carnaval 4:27

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