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Barbra Streisand: Superman 1977

The album was released after the success of Streisand’s movie A Star Is Born, from 1976. At that time the movie soundtrack was the singer’s best-selling album. According to The New York Times, the album brings sounds from what they called “the second transition in Streisand’s career”, which began with the Stoney End album, in 1970, in which the singer experimented contemporary pop rock sounds and left aside “old‐fashioned” and “theatrical diva”

Two songs were written for the movie A Star Is Born but not used in the picture — “Answer Me” by Streisand, Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher; and “Lullaby for Myself” by Rupert Holmes. It also includes cover versions of contemporary singer-songwriters Kim Carnes‘ “Love Comes from Unexpected Places” from her album Sailin’ and Billy Joel‘s “New York State of Mind” from Turnstiles. According to Joel, Streisand’s recording resulted in his mother looking at his career with newfound respect: “Certainly my mom looked at me with fresh eyes–finally, a real singer had picked up on her errant son’s efforts.

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  1. “Superman” (Richie Snyder) – 2:47
  2. “Don’t Believe What You Read” (Barbra Streisand, Ron Nagle, Scott Mathews) – 3:37
  3. “Baby Me Baby” (Roger Miller) – 4:26
  4. “I Found You Love” (Alan Gordon) – 3:50
  5. “Answer Me” (Streisand, Paul Williams, Kenny Ascher) – 3:16
  6. My Heart Belongs to Me” (Alan Gordon) – 3:21
  7. “Cabin Fever” (Ron Nagle) – 3:14
  8. “Love Comes from Unexpected Places” (Kim Carnes, Dave Ellingson) – 4:10
  9. New York State of Mind” (Billy Joel) – 4:44
  10. “Lullaby for Myself” (Rupert Holmes) – 3:17


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