Celebrities… at their Worst! Vol.2.9 (Joan Crawford, Nina Simone and more) CD-New $36.99


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Celebrities… at their Worst! Vol.2.9

“A completely unexpected Volume in this series of legendary spew containing 73 minutes of material not being included in the forthcoming ‘official’ Volume Three. Opens with truly sickening Christmas material with Joan Crawford and her children; Roger Waters, Courtney Love, Melvin Belli, and Billy Crystal throwing tantrums onstage or on the phone; Mark Lindsay/Raiders psychedelic ‘Swingy’ doll and Pontiac ads; Sharon Tateís tanning tips; various filth from leading ladies Angelyne, Florence Henderson, Talullah Bankhead, and Mae West (ads and a reverse prank phone call, a la Jerry Lewis’s ‘Bill Lynch’); and total race baiting from Dr. Nina Simone in a lengthy rant that has her hipster interviewer dismayed — as well as the only extant copy of an NBC internal memo: a deluxe produced song-musical sent out to let everyone know how badly the network was performing that year; Peter Frampton’s Mazda ad audition and a melange of dozens of ‘Voices of the 70s’ doing snippets of commercials to promote their ad agency — the entire CD supporting the Computer God’s label’s assertion that reality is its own best satire. Features a guest appearance from poster boy Marlon Brando and friend.” 

Video: Celebrities At Their Worst! Vol 2 9 Joan Crawford And Family



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