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Doris Day-Sentimental Journey 1964

Les Brown and His Band of Renown had been performing the song, but were unable to record it because of the 1942–44 musicians’ strike. When the strike ended, the band, with Doris Day as vocalist, had a hit record with the song, Day’s first #1 hit, in 1945. The song’s release coincided with the end of WWII in Europe and became the unofficial homecoming theme for many veterans. The recording was released by Columbia Records as catalog number 36769, with the flip side “Twilight Time”. The record first reached the Billboard charts on March 29, 1945 and lasted 23 weeks on the chart, peaking at #1. The song actually reached the charts after the later-recorded “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time”.

About this same time, the Merry Macs had a recording following Brown and Day which featured a bouncy arrangement where the group modulates (or augments) the verse eight times in the last half of the song. A vocal feat for any group attempting to record a song in one take without the benefit of tape editing in that era of modern recording.

The song later became something of a standard with jazz artists and was recorded by, among others, Buck Clayton with Woody Herman and by Ben Sidran. Frank Sinatra recorded his version of the song in 1961. Rosemary Clooney issued an album Sentimental Journey (2001) which included the song. Harry James recorded a version in 1965 on his album New Versions Of Down Beat Favorites

Doris Day-Latin For Lovers 1964

Latin for Lovers was a Doris Day album, mostly composed of songs originating in Latin America, released by Columbia Records on March 22, 1965 as a monophonic LP (catalog number CL-2310) and a stereophonic album.
Although “Fly Me to the Moon” was not of Latin-American origin, it was an early song adapted to the bossa nova dance then becoming popular, and so associated at the time with Latin America.
A Columbia 45 r.p.m. single. Was released to coincide with the album. It featured “How Insensitive” as the a-side and “Meditation” as the b-side. Neither song charted.
The songs were arranged by Mort Garson, who also conducted the Orchestra.
The album was reissued in 2001, combined with Doris Day’s Sentimental Journey, as a CD.

“The More I See You” (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren) (recorded on September 21, 1964)”At Last” (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren) (recorded on September 15, 1964)”Come to Baby, Do!” (Inez James, Sidney Miller) (recorded on September 21, 1964)”I Had the Craziest Dream” (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren)/”I Don’t Want to Walk Without You” (Frank Loesser, Jule Styne) (recorded on September 21, 1964)”I’ll Never Smile Again” (Ruth Lowe) (recorded on September 15, 1964)”I Remember You” (Victor Schertzinger, Johnny Mercer) (remake recorded on September 11, 1964)”Serenade In Blue” (Harry Warren, Mack Gordon) (recorded on September 15, 1964)”I’m Beginning to See the Light” (Duke Ellington, Don George, Johnny Hodges, Harry James) (recorded on September 21, 1964)”It Could Happen to You” (Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen) (recorded on September 11, 1964)”It’s Been A Long, Long Time” (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn) (recorded on September 15, 1964)”Sentimental Journey” (Les Brown, Ben Homer, Bud Green) (remake recorded on September 11, 1964)

“Corcovado” (Antônio Carlos Jobim, Gene Lees) (recorded November 2, 1964)
“Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)” (Bart Howard) (recorded November 5, 1964)
“Meditation”(Antônio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça, Norman Gimbel) (recorded November 2, 1964)
“Dansero” (Richard Hayman, Lee Daniels, Sol Parker) (recorded November 9, 1964)
“Summer Has Gone” (Gene DiNovi, Bill Comstock) (recorded November 2, 1964)
“How Insensitive” (Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Norman Gimbel) (recorded November 9, 1964)
“Slightly Out of Tune (Desafinado)” (Antônio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça, Jon Hendricks, Jesse Cavanagh) (recorded November 2, 1964)
“Our Day Will Come” (Mort Garson, Bob Hilliard) (recorded November 5, 1964)
“Be True to Me (Sabor A Mi)” (Mel Mitchell, Alarcon Carillo) (recorded November 5, 1964)
“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizás, Quizás, Quizás)” (Osvaldo Farrés, Joe Davis) (recorded November 5, 1964)
“Be Mine Tonight (Noche De Ronda)” (Maria Teresa Lara, Sunny Skylar) (recorded November 9, 1964)
“Por Favor” (Joe Sherman, Noel Sherman) (recorded November 9, 1964)

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