Entre Las Piernas (Between Your Legs): Original Soundtrack 1999 Music by Bernardo Bonezzi CD-New $62.99



2CDs New For Collectors, Entre Las Piernas (Between Your Legs) 1999 JMB Records Made In Spain.

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Entre Las Piernas-Bernardo Bonezzi

Miranda is a crew member of a nightly radio programmme. She and her husband Felix, a cop, are parents of a girl. Miranda’s daily dog walking strolls are excuses to pursue sexual encounters with men, who she readily discards afterwards. In order to deal with her sex addiction, she signs up for therapy. Also in the group is Javier, a successful scriptwriter and producer who is a sex-phone junkie. The two misfits hit off and a steamy affair ensues. But things get a little complicated when Javier finds out that this phone sex trysts have been secretly taped and being distributed all over Madrid, and that his ex-wife is living with his business partner. Elsewhere, while investigating a murder case, Felix discovers Miranda’s affair with Javier.

Bernardo Bonezzi

Bernardo Silvano Bonezzi Nahón was a Spanish film music composer who was born in Madrid. He has won a Cinema Writers Circle Award for Bendito infierno, been nominated for three Goya Awards and won one for his work on Nadie hablará de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto. He was a frequent collaborator of Pedro Almodóvar on his early films, having composed for five, before being succeeded by Alberto Iglesias.

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CD 1

  1. Entre Las Piernas
  2. Sangre Y Sexo
  3. Primer Encuentro
  4. El Pasado De Azucena
  5. El Dido De Miranda
  6. Adictos Al Sexo
  7. Confidentes
  8. Tres Preguntas
  9. La Noche Y El Dia
  10. En El Parque
  11. Sospechas
  12. En La Productora
  13. Desenlace
  14. Final

CD 2

  1. All My Life
  2. Let’s Go Shop
  3. The London Ladies
  4. Kyoko Is Worried
  5. A Few Stations Ahead
  6. Sweet Delight
  7. Radio Nocturna


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Entre Las Piernas (BETWEEN YOUR LEGS)