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Fallen Angels TV Series 1993

This is the soundtrack to a six-part cable television series based on detective stories set in Los Angeles in the 1940s and ’50s. It contains mostly small-band jazz from the Verve Records catalog, and features people like Charlie Parker, Dinah Washington, Patti Page, Benny Carter, Clifford Brown, Teddy Edwards, J.J. Johnson, The Keynoters, Stan Getz, Nat King Cole, and Billie Holliday. As such, it functions as a neat jazz sampler separate from the series.

Fallen Angels was a neo-noir anthology television series set in somber Los Angeles right after World War II and before the election of president John F. Kennedy. In Europe the show was known as Perfect Crimes. The program ran during 1993-1995 on the Showtime pay-cable station. The episodes had a gorgeous look and, although filmed in color, mimicked what was done by Hollywood filmmakers during the film noirera of the 1940’s and 1950’s in terms of tone, look, and story content. The series was produced using top-notch directors, well-known hard-boiled fiction writers, screenplay masters, inventive cinematographers, and first-rate actors. In addition, the art direction gave the series the ambiance and historical look required of a show devoted to noir set in Los Angeles. The ensemble group of craftswomen and craftsmen took a turn each week at the helm to produce many, many memorable episodes and a visually stunning series. Each episode began with a cool and restrained jazz score as the sultry Fay Friendly told her audience what would develop in the episode. Her words were wistful, melancholic and foreshadowed the pain to come. “It’s a role call of tormented souls confronting their monsters within; it’s a picaresque look at Los Angeles back in the forties. It’s the world of pulp on celluloid, pure translations that augment the stark power of great short fiction.” –James Ellroy, Novelist By Lou Delgado Produced by: Showtime Networks Inc. and Propaganda FilmsLESS

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1.  Main Title Theme
  2.  A Fine Romance
  3.  Yesterdays
  4.  The Way You Look Tonight
  5.  The Folks Who Live on the Hill
  6.  My Heart Cries for You
  7.  Why Do I Love You?
  8.  Why Don’t You Believe Me?
  9.  All the Things You Are
  10. Yesterdays
  11. The Song Is You
  12. All the Things You Are [Jam]
  13. Yesterdays
  14. End Title Theme

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