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The Fellini’ Soundtracks

The great film director Federico Fellini left behind a legacy of some of the most memorable and talked about films of all time, classics like , La Strada, Le Notti Di Cabiria, La Dolce Vita, Otto E Mezzo and more. And when the master needed music just as memorable as his screen masterpieces, he turned to greats like Nicola Piovani, Gianfranco Plenizio, Felice Lattuada and, most frequently and perhaps memorably, Nino Rota. This 5-CDs collection brings together songs-that’s one from each of Fellini’s films, arranged in chronological order of their release!-to pay tribute to this stylistic genius. Comes complete with details and photos.

Federico Fellini

Fellini writing to the producer of this compilation: “Rome, 24 – 03 – 90 Dear Campi, you really had a wonderful idea. I believe that this collection, which revives the memory of my films, will be successful because the music of my precious collaborator and great friend Nino Rota is so intensely linked with the characters and the stories I have told, that they live on in memory and in feeling in a more touching and moving way. Forwarding to you my deepest feeling of friendship, I wish you good luck. Yours, Federico Fellini

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