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Todas as Coisas e Eu (Our Moments) é um álbum de estúdio da cantora Gal Costa, lançado em 2003 pela gravadora Indie Records em parceria com a gravadora Som Livre. O álbum vendeu mais de 100 mil cópias no Brasil.
This strikingly lovely album was originally recorded in 2003, when the great Brazilian singer Gal Costa was preparing for a gala outdoor concert that was expected to take place in Rio de Janeiro; unfortunately, the funding fell through and the concert never took place. What emerged from the ashes of that disappointment was this studio album, on which Costa looks back on the music of her childhood in the 1940s and ’50s — Brazilian music that predates the bossa nova era. These are songs written by artists who are legends in Brazil but are far less famous outside of their native land: Dorival CaymmiEvaldo GouveiaDolores Duran, and others. Wisely, Costa and her arrangers refrained from trying to replicate the exact sounds of the older recordings, and instead have created modern but respectful new arrangements that prominently feature strings as well as electric instruments, accordion, and winds. Costa was approaching her seventh decade as she made these recordings, but she sings with the voice of someone less than half her age — her pitch is secure, and her voice is alternately clear and ringing and smoky and sultry depending on the needs of the song. Particular highlights include an especially lovely arrangement of “Kalu,” a baião written by Humberto Teixeira, and an Ary Barroso samba titled “Pra Machucar Meu Coração,” but everything on this album is of the highest quality. Very highly recommended.
Video: Gal Costa – Nossos Momentos 2007

1. “Linda Flor (YaYá) (Ai, Yô Yô)” Cândido Costa, Henrique Vogeler, Luiz Peixoto, Marques Porto 4:39
2. “Sábado em Copacabana / Copacabana” Carlos Guinle, Dorival Caymmi / Alberto Ribeiro, João de Barro 3:46
3. “Nossos Momentos” Haroldo Barbosa, Luis Reis 3:34
4. “Pra Machucar Meu Coração” Ary Barroso 3:34
5. “Dono dos Teus Olhos” Humberto Teixeira 2:23
6. “Brigas” Evaldo Gouveia, Jair Amorim 3:53
7. “Fim de Caso” Dolores Duran 3:42
8. “Nervos de Aço” Lupicínio Rodrigues 3:47
9. “Alguém Como Tu” Jair Amorim, José Maria de Abreu 2:47
10. “Ave Maria no Morro” Herivelto Martins 3:18
11. “Chora Tua Tristeza” Luvercy Fiorini, Oscar Castro Neves 3:05
12. “Kalu” Humberto Teixeira 2:36
13. “Folhas Secas” Guilherme de Brito, Nelson Cavaquinho 3:41
14. “E Daí? (Proibição Inútil e Ilegal)” Miguel Gustavo 3:09
15. “O Orvalho Vem Caindo / Fita Amarela / Até Amanhã / Palpite Infeliz” Kid Pepe, Noel Rosa / Noel Rosa / Noel Rosa / Noel Rosa 4:27
Alan Silverman: Mastering
Bernardo Bessler: Violin
Michel Bessler: Violin
Marcos Suzano: Percussion, Strings
Alceu Maia: Cavaquinho
Ronaldo Lima: Engineer
Daniel Klajmic: Photography
Marcus Adriano: Engineer
Silvie Leblanc: Clothing Design
Paschoal Perrota: Violin
Mariozinho Rocha: Producer
Wilma Petrillo: Production Director
Liber Gadelha: Artwork Direction
Jurim Moreira: Drums
Antonella Pareschi: Violin
Zé Canuto: Soprano Saxophone
Beto Coutinho: Producer, Executive Producer
Felipe Gaspar: Assistant
Ricardo Amado: Violin
Ricardo Garcia: Mastering
Jesuina Noronha Passaroto: Viola
Julinho Teixeira: Accordion, Arranger
Jorge Helder: Acoustic Bass
Walter Hack: Violin
Hugh Fordin: Producer

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