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Indecent Proposal 1993
Treat for fans of dreamy John Barry soundtracks! Expanded release of beautiful score for Adrian Lyne romantic drama Indecent Proposal, starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson makes wonderful premiere. 1993 album offered numerous songs heard in film plus 26-minute medley of score highlights in one single track. New Intrada score-only CD features 74 minutes of rich, sumptuous Barry. Movie chronicles intriguing offer by Redford of one million dollars for single night with Moore, wife of Harrelson. Young happily-married couple see it as opportunity to build their dream house but story soon ventures much deeper. Love, jealousy, heartbreak all play roles. John Barry underlines all in signature 90’s “nostalgia” style. Main theme is gorgeous albeit sad-tinged melody for piano, strings. Harmonies both major, minor play important role throughout. Two additional secondary themes further enrich haunting, sensual score. Romantic film scoring with hint of sadness became hallmark of Barry’s final decade of composing. Indecent Proposal remains one of his most beautiful efforts! MCA label album was produced by Barry, using assortment of takes both from film soundtrack plus specially recorded for his album. All versions appear here plus many previously unreleased cues, score revisions, alternates, drawn from his March 1993 sessions held at Sony Pictures Scoring Stage with Dennis Sands, Shawn Murphy as engineers. Entire CD presented from two-track stereo session mixes courtesy Universal Music Group & Paramount Pictures. Project supervised by Lukas Kendall, handsome graphic design by Joe Sikoryak. John Barry conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantity and supplies remain!

The soundtrack to Indecent Proposal is comprised entirely of love songs, as that is of course the focus of the movie. To some, the album may actually be a little too soft, due to the never-ending nature of the songs: all soft pop. There are some notable tracks, however. Veteran writer Graham Gouldmancontributed “I’m Not in Love” for the Pretenders’ usage. Seal contributed “Out of the Window,” which follows in Seal’s general range: soft, yet with a usable beat. Disco diva Patrice Rushen produced “The Nearness of You,” a soft jazz vocal from Sheena Easton. Finally, Roy Orbison sings “A Love So Beautiful” to end the album, a wonderful showcase of his ability to escape the hillbilly genre. All in all, if soft pop is what the listener is looking for, Indecent Proposal may not be a bad choice.

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