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Corazón de poeta; Spanish for “Heart of a poet”) is the fourth studio album by English-born Spanish singer Jeanette, released in June 1981 on RCA Victor. The album was almost entirely written and produced by composer Manuel Alejandro, who had written “Soy rebelde“, Jeanette’s 1971 breakthrough as a canción melódica singer. After releasing an LP record in France and an unsuccessful foray into disco in Germany, Corazón de poeta was Jeanette’s return to the Spanish market, as well as to the soft, sentimental ballads she had been known for. Corazón de poeta intended to reinvent Jeanette’s childlike image into a more mature one, reflected in its erotic tone and its promotional campaign.

Jeanette had previously worked with Corazon de poetas composer Manuel Alejandro in her solo debut single “Soy rebelde“, released in 1971 on Hispavox. The orchestral song was a departure from the folk rock-influenced style of her previous group Pic-Nic, and established Jeanette as an internationally renowned melodic singer. After the European success of her hit singlePorque te vas“—popularized by its inclusion in the 1976 film Cría cuervos—Jeanette found herself working mostly abroad. Moving away from her career in Spain, the subsequent years she recorded an LP record in France with André Popp, as well as various singles for Germany and the Netherlands. The latter attempted to reinvent Jeanette as a disco singer, something she disliked and later criticized. 


1.   “Corazón de poeta” 4:35
2.   “Un día es un día” 3:47
3.   “Cuando estoy con él” 4:18
4.   “Frente a frente” 3:19
5.   “Viva el pasodoble” 4:05
6.   “El muchacho de los ojos tristes” 3:38
7.   “Comiénzame a vivir” 4:00
8.   “Si te vas, te vas” 4:06
9.   “Toda la noche oliendo a tí” 3:47
10. “Acabaré llorando” (David Beigbeder) 4:23
Video: Corazón De Poeta (1981)

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