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Valley of the Dolls 1967 by André Previn 

Valley of the Dolls is a 1967 film soundtrack album released by 20th Century Fox Records, from the studio’s film of the same name. It features several songs performed in the film, as well as the musical score by John Williams and Dory and André Previn.

In Valley of the Dolls, Anne Welles, a bright, brash young New England college grad leaves her Peyton Place-ish small town and heads for Broadway, where she hopes to find an exciting job and sophisticated men. During her misadventures in Manhattan and, later, Hollywood, she shares experiences with two other young hopefuls: Jennifer North, a statuesque, Monroe-ish actress who wants to be accepted as a human being, but is regarded as a sex object by all the men she meets, and Neely O’Hara, a talented young actress who’s accused of using devious means by a great older star (Helen Lawson) to reach the top, pulling an “All About Eve”-type deception in order to steal a good role away from her.

Video: Valley Of The Dolls (Trailer 1967)

  1. Theme from Valley of the Dolls” – 4:04 (vocal by Dory Previn; narration by Barbara Parkins)
  2. “It’s Impossible” – 2:12 (vocal by Gaille Heidemann for Patty Duke)
  3. “Ann at Lawrenceville” – 2:37 (instrumental)
  4. “Chance Meeting” – 2:31 (instrumental)
  5. “Neely’s Career Montage” – 1:59 (instrumental)
  6. “Come Live with Me” – 2:01 (vocal by Tony Scotti)
  7. “I’ll Plant My Own Tree” – 2:24 (vocal by Eileen Wilson for Susan Hayward; Margaret Whiting dubbed Susan Hayward in the film, but she was under contract to a different label, so veteran voice double Eileen Wilson sings “I’ll Plant My Own Tree” on the soundtrack album)
  8. “The Gillian Girl Commercial” – 2:04 (instrumental)
  9. “Jennifer’s French Movie” – 2:26 (instrumental)
  10. “Give a Little More” – 2:02 (vocal by Gaille Heidemann for Patty Duke)
  11. “Jennifer’s Recollection” – 2:52 (instrumental; contains a reprise of “Come Live with Me”, vocal by Tony Scotti)
  12. “Theme from Valley of the Dolls Reprise” – 3:00 (vocal by Dory Previn)

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