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Condition: 1CD Used Like New Condition For Collectors, Original Soundtrack: Cria Cuervos (Raise Ravens) Music by Jeanette 1976 Remastered 2011 Warner Records Made In EU.

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Cria Cuervos (Raise Ravens) 1976

Cría Cuervos (“Raise ravens”) is a 1976 Spanish drama film directed by Carlos Saura. The film is an allegorical drama about an eight-year-old girl dealing with loss. Highly acclaimed, it received the Special Jury Prize Award at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival. The title Cría Cuervos comes from the Spanish proverb, “Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos“. This translates as, “Raise ravens, and they’ll take out your eyes” and is generally used for someone who has bad luck in raising children, or raising them badly. It may also imply rebellious behavior or that every bad act will return to haunt you.

The film prominently features the pop song “Porque te vas” by Jeanette, an English-born singer, singing in Spanish, whose accented voice reminds Ana of her mother, as played by Geraldine Chaplin, who speaks Spanish with her English accented voice. Despite an infectious rhythm the song has sad and poignant lyrics. The song expresses the fact that Ana has no understanding of death, only of absence.

Video: Porque Te Vas by Jeanette 1976

Track Listing:

1. Palabras, Promesas (José Luis Perales)
  2. Porque Te Vas (José Luis Perales)
  3. Que Le Han Hecho
  4. A Mi Cancion, Mama? – Look what they’re don to my song ma- (Melanie Safka)
  5. No Digas Nada (R. Turia/J. Dimech)
  6. Debajo Del Platanero (M. Norman)
  7. Soy Rebelde (Manuel Alejandro/Purifacion Casas Romero)
  8. Seguire Amando (J. Dimech/R. Carlos Colombo)
  9. Estoy Triste (Manuel Alejandro/Ana Magdalena)
  10. Escucha (José Luis Perales)
  11. Oye Papa, Oye Mama (Fuste Martinez/Ana Magdalena/Manuel Alejandro)

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Cria Cuervos (Raise Ravens)