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Pat Benatar – Tropico (1984)

Tropico is American rock singer Pat Benatar‘s fifth studio album, and sixth album overall, released in late 1984. This is the first album to feature one-time John Waite bassist Donnie Nossov, who replaced Roger Capps in Benatar’s band.

Tropico was a major change in style for early 80’s hard rocker Pat Benatar. She made a complete decision to change her musical style and re-boot herself, as she often did throughout her career. The album prior to Tropico was Live from Earth which featured Love is a Battlefield and Pat was launched into even more massive stardom. We Belong was the key single of Tropico, which features keyboard, synthesizers and a much softer pop sound. The other songs of note are Diamond Field, Temporary Heroes (should have been the easy follow up single). However, one of the weaker tracks The Ooh Ooh Song, was released by Chrysalis. Still placing in the Top 40, it was not as strong as other songs on the album particularly Love in the Ice Age. Pat ends the albums with Takin’ It Back, an obvious stab at her record company, saying “I am done with your old image, so deal with it”. Her vocals, as usual still completely slay on every track.

Track Listing:

1.    “Diamond Field” Neil Giraldo, Myron Grombacher, Pat Benatar 3:20
2.    “We Belong” Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro 3:40
3.    “Painted Desert” Giraldo, Grombacher 5:24
4.    “Temporary Heroes” Nick Trevesick, Ginny Clee 4:30
5.    “Love in the Ice Age” Giraldo, Charles Giordano, Grombacher, Benatar 4:05
6.    “Ooh Ooh Song” Giraldo, Benatar 4:28
7.    “The Outlaw Blues” Giraldo, Grombacher 3:47
8.    “Suburban King” Giraldo, Billy Steinberg 1:48
9.    “A Crazy World Like This” Giraldo, Tom Kelly, Steinberg 4:02
10.  “Takin’ It Back” Giraldo, Benatar 4:07

Band members

  • Pat Benatar – vocals
  • Neil Giraldo – guitars, harmonica, percussion
  • Charlie Giordano – keyboards, percussion
  • Donnie Nossov – bass, backing vocals on track 6
  • Myron Grombacher – drums, percussion

Additional musicians

  • Roger Capps – bass on tracks 2 and 3
  • Lenny Castro – percussion on tracks 3 and 9

Video: Pat Benatar – “Painted Desert” (1984)

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