Roberto Carlos: Antología -Todos Los Grandes Exitos (1974-1994) 2CD&1DVD-New $49.99


Roberto Carlos: Antología -Todos Los Grandes Exitos (1974-1994) 2CD&1DVD Made In España.

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Roberto Carlos Braga; born April 19, 1941) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, also known as “King of Latin Music” or simply “the King”. Most of his songs were written in partnership with his friend, singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos (no relation). Roberto Carlos has sold over 70 million albums around the world.] He is considered one of the most influential artists in Brazil, being cited as a source of inspiration by many artists and bands.

Carlos was born into a lower-middle-class family and displayed an early affinity for music, making his vocal debut on a local radio station at age nine. As a teenager he moved to the Rio de Janeiro area and formed a band inspired by the music of such American rock-and-roll progenitors as Elvis Presley and Bill Haley. The band, originally called the Snacks and later the Sputniks, performed on television and at various local celebrations. In 1959 Carlos embarked on a solo career as a bossa nova musician in the vein of the widely popular Brazilian singer João Gilberto. Carlos failed to attain similar commercial success, however, and after releasing his first full-length album, Louco por você (1961; “Crazy for You”), he returned to rock music.

Video: Roberto Carlos – La Distancia (A distância) 1973


CD1-01 El Progreso 3:04
CD1-02 Amigo 3:26
CD1-03 El Gato Que Está Triste Y Azul 3:47
CD1-04 Lady Laura 4:05
CD1-05 Mi Querido, Mi Viejo, Mi Amigo 3:31
CD1-06 La Distancia 4:24
CD1-07 Detalles 5:03
CD1-08 Emociones 4:07
CD1-09 Si Piensas… Si Quieres

Featuring [Con] – Rocío Dúrcal
CD1-10 Namorandinha De Um Amigo Meu 2:41
CD1-11 Volver 4:13
CD1-12 El Amor Y La Moda 3:40
CD1-13 Intenta Olvidar 2:54
CD1-14 Propuesta 4:23
CD1-15 Todas Las Mañanas 3:54
CD1-16 Sentado A La Vera Del Camino

Featuring [Con] – Eydie Gorme*
CD1-17 Amada Amante 4:18
CD1-18 No Te Apartes De Mí 4:12
CD1-19 Fiera Herida 5:05
CD1-20 Canzone Per Te 3:12
CD2-01 Un Millón De Amigos 4:19
CD2-02 Desde El Fondo De Mi Corazón 5:43
CD2-03 Cama Y Mesa 3:15
CD2-04 Amante A La Antigua 3:15
CD2-05 120… 150… 200 Kms. Por Hora 4:31
CD2-06 Mujer Pequeña 3:56
CD2-07 Amiga

Featuring [Con] – Ana Belén
CD2-08 Ana 3:14
CD2-09 Camionero 4:12
CD2-10 Cóncavo Y Convexo 3:05
CD2-11 Eu Daria A Minha Vida 3:43
CD2-12 Por Ella 4:20
CD2-13 La Ventana 3:10
CD2-14 Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo 3:58
CD2-15 Desahogo 3:39
CD2-16 Actitudes 3:23
CD2-17 La Paz De Tu Sonrisa 4:33
CD2-18 De Corazón A Corazón 4:21
CD2-19 La Montaña 3:47
CD2-20 Jesucristo 3:20


DVD-01 Un Millón De Amigos
DVD-02 El Progreso
DVD-03 El Gato Que Está Triste Y Azul
DVD-04 Detalles
DVD-05 La Paz De Tu Sonrisa
DVD-06 Mi Querido, Mi Viejo, Mi Amigo
DVD-07 Amantes A La Antigua
DVD-08 Emociones
DVD-09 Cama Y Mesa
DVD-10 Camionero
DVD-11 La Distancia
DVD-12 Amigo
DVD-13 Lady Laura
DVD-14 Volver
DVD-15 Por Ella
DVD-16 Sin Piensas… Si Quieres

Featuring [Con] – Rocío Dúrcal
DVD-17 Mujer Pequeña

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