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Roberto Carlos Braga (born April 19, 1941) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, also known as King of Latin Music or simply The King.

Most of his songs are written in partnership with his friend, singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos (no relation). Roberto Carlos has sold over 140 million albums around the world. He is considered one of the most influential artists in Brazil, being cited as a source of inspiration by many artists and bands.

In 1968 the LP O Inimitável was released. A transition record in the singer’s career, the album had influences in U.S. black music (soul / funk) and scored several hits, like “Se Você Pensa”, “Eu Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo”, “É Meu É Meu É Meu”, “As Canções que você Fez Pra Mim” (all partnerships with Erasmo Carlos), “Ciúmes De Você” (Luiz Ayrão), and “Eu Não Vou Deixar Você Tão Só” (Marcos Antonio). Later that year, Roberto Carlos became the first and only Brazilian to win the Festival of San Remo (Italy), with the song “Canzone Per Te”, Sergio Endrigo and Sergio Bardotti. The singer would change his style in 1969 and also stopped naming his albums. The album Roberto Carlos was marked by a greater romanticism instead of the traditional themes typical of the Jovem Guarda youth.

The 1975 album had a hit with “Além do Horizonte” and a remake of his 1965 song “Quero Que Vai Tudo Pro Inferno”. The following year the singer would record the new LP in the CBS Studios in New York. The album spawned the songs “Ilegal, Imoral e Engorda” and “Os Seus Botões”.” In 1977, Roberto Carlos released his annual album, with hits like “Amigo” (an homage to Erasmo Carlos), “Muito Romântico” (Caetano Veloso) and “Cavalgada” and reached #1 on the charts. The following year, another annual album was released, which featured the songs “Café da Manhã”, “Força Estranha” (Caetano Veloso) and “Lady Laura” – a song dedicated to his mother.

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1 La Ventana
2 Qué Será De Ti
3 La Montaña
4 Estás Tan Linda
5 Por Amor
6 La Distancia
7 Usted Ya Me Olvidó
8 Negra
9 Las Flores Del Jardín De Nuestra Casa
10 Te Dije Adiós
Bonus Tracks
11 Un Gato En La Escuridad
12 Amada Amante
13 Jesus Cristo
14 Detalles


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