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1CD-New Sex, Lies & Videotape: Original Soundtrack Music by Cliff Martinez 1989 Made In USA.

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape is a 1989 American independent drama film written and directed by Steven Soderbergh. The plot tells the story of a troubled man who videotapes women discussing their sexuality and fantasies, and his impact on the relationships of a troubled married couple and the wife’s younger sister.

With his provocative feature debut, twenty-six-year-old Steven Soderbergh trained his focus on the complexities of human intimacy and deception in the modern age. Housewife Ann (Andie MacDowell) feels distant from her lawyer husband, John (Peter Gallagher), who is sleeping with her sister, Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo). When John’s old friend Graham (a magnetic, Cannes-award-winning James Spader) comes to town, Ann is drawn to the soft-spoken outsider, eventually uncovering his startling private obsession: videotaping women as they confess their deepest desires.

Cliff Martinez (born February 5, 1954 in Bronx, New York, raised in Columbus, Ohio) is an American film score composer (who works often with director Steven Soderbergh & Nicolas Winding Refn) and former drummer for Captain Beefheart, The Dickies, The Weirdos and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984-1986).

Video: Sex, Lies & Videotape (Trailer 1989)

Track listing:

1. Garbage (00:37)
Composed & Performed by Mark Mangini
2. Looks Like a Tablecloth (04:01)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
3. Take My Skirt Off (02:06)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
4. Are You Comfortable? (02:18)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
5. Here We Go (02:16)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
6. What Other Men? (02:55)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
7. Sniff the Jacket (03:25)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
8. You’ve Got a Problem (07:04)
Composed by Cliff Martinez
9. I’m Gonna Drawl (04:37)
Composed by Cliff Martinez

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