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Spyro Gyra-Wrapped In A Dream 2006

When people say “one-hit wonder, the last thing that comes to mind is an act that’s been around for three decades, recorded some 25 albums (not counting compilations), and has legions of fans worldwide. Yet, that’s what Spyro Gyra is—the wonder being that one of contemporary jazz’s most popular acts has only one hit song: “Morning Dance. Since then, the group has delivered such diverse albums as Alternating Currents (1985), Three Wishes(1992) and Original Cinema (2003), as well as breathtaking songs like “Incognito, “Breakout and “Wiggle Room. Now comes Wrapped in a Dream, which may be their best ever.

Spyro Gyra’s regular lineup consists of Jay Beckenstein (saxophones), Tom Schuman (keyboards), Julio Fernandez (guitars), and Scott Ambush (bass); drummer Ludwig Afonso joined the group about two years ago. Strangely, Afonso only appears on one track on each of the group’s two latest albums. Longtime drummer Joel Rosenblatt recorded most of 2004’s The Deep End, with Billy Kilson filling in on three tracks. Josh Dion gets most of the work on Wrapped in a Dream. Other guest musicians include percussionist Cyro Baptista and trombonist Eric Oliver.


    1. Spyro Time (4:00)
    2. Midnight Thunder (4:11)
    3. The Voodooyoodoo (5:21)
    4. Tuesday(4:58)
    5. Impressions of Madrid (5:20)
    6. Impressions of Toledo (5:52)
    7. Wrapped In A Dream (6:26)
    8. After The Storm (6:04)
    9. Walkin’ Home (4:36)
    10. The Lowdown (4:09)
    11. Lil’ Mono (5:46)
    12. Woogitybop (4:36)



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