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Stéphanie 1986

Stéphanie’s debut album was originally released as “Besoin”, “Stephanie” (untitled) and “Live Your Life”, depending on territory. All versions include the same 9 core tracks, but track sequence varies and different combinations of French/English versions are included. CD’s also include remixes. Later CD re-releases were retitled (“L’Album D’Or”, “Rendez-Vous”, “Ouragan”, “Dance With Me”) but include the same tracks as the original 1986 CD’s.

Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Countess of Polignac, born 1 February 1965 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. She had hits as a singer in 1986 and 1987 with the singles “One Love To Give” (French release: “Flash”) and “Irresistible” (French release: “Ouragan”). She is the youngest as 3rd child, daughter of Grace Kelly with Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and the sister of Alberto Di Monaco.

1   Besoin 2:42
2   One Love To Give 5:48
3   Rendez-Vous 4:20
4   Young Ones Everywhere 3:58
5   Ouragan 4:32
6   Fleur Du Mal (À Paul) 3:43
7   Live Your Life 4:29
8   Le Sega Mauricien (Remix) 4:22
9   Flash 4:20
10  How Can It Be 5:09
11  Irrisistible 4:42
12  I’Am Waiting For You 3:57
13  Dance With Me (Remix) 5:15
14  One Love To Give (Remix) 7:40
French versions vs. English versions:
Besoin – (none)
Dis Tout Bas Dis – How Can It Be
Flash – One Love To Give
Fleur Du Mal – I’m Waiting For You
Le Sega Mauricien – (none)
Ouragan – Irresistible
Rendez-Vous – Dance With Me
(none) – Live Your Life
(none) – Young Ones Everywhere
Video: Princess Stéphanie Of Monaco – Irresistible 1986

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