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Three Colors: Blue (Bleu Three Colours) Original Soundtrack Music by Zbigniew Preisner CD-New $54.99


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Three Colours: Bleu-Blue 1993 

Three Colors: Blue (Bleu: Bande Originale Du Film) is the soundtrack album to the award-winning film Three Colors: Blue, with music composed by Zbigniew Preisner. The music is performed by the Sinfonia Varsovia (Beata Rybotycka, Elżbieta Towarnicka, Jacek Ostaszewski, Konrad Mastyło, Silesian Filharmonic Choir, Sinfonia Varsovia, Wojciech Michniewski – conductor).

Julie (Juliette Binoche) is haunted by her grief after living through a tragic auto wreck that claimed the life of her composer husband and young daughter. Her initial reaction is to withdraw from her relationships, lock herself in her apartment and suppress her pain. But avoiding human interactions on the bustling streets of Paris proves impossible, and she eventually meets up with Olivier (Benoît Régent), an old friend who harbors a secret love for her, and who could draw her back to reality.


Track listing:

Song for the Unification of Europe (Patrice’s Version) – 5:13
Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Winds) – 2:02
Julie-Glimpses of Burial – 0:30
Reprise-First Appearance – 0:34
The Battle of Carnival and Lent – 0:56
Reprise-Julie with Olivier – 0:49
Ellipsis 1 – 0:20
First Flute – 0:50
Julie-In Her New Apartment – 1:45
Reprise-Julie on the Stairs – 1:05
Second Flute – 1:16
Ellipsis 2 – 0:20
Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Organ) – 1:59
Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Full Orchestra) – 1:47
The Battle of Carnival and Lent II – 0:42
Reprise-Flute (Closing Credits Version) – 2:19
Ellipsis 3 – 0:22
Olivier’s Theme-Piano – 0:36
Olivier & Julie-Trial Composition – 2:01
Olivier’s Theme-Finale – 1:38
Bolero-Trailer For ‘Red’ Film – 1:08
Song For The Unification Of Europe (Julie’s Version) (Film) – 6:48
Closing Credits – 2:04
Reprise-Organ – 1:09
Bolero-‘Red’ Film – 1:28


Video: Three Colours: Bleu-Blue 1993 

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