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Gilliard: Pérolas 16 Grandes Sucessos “Aquela Nuvem” CD-New $44.99


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Gilliard Cordeiro Marino (Natal, December 17, 1956) is a singer known throughout Brazil as well as in the countries of Africa and Europe. Joined to the artistic life for 30 years, always addressing issues that speak of romantic and sentimento. Essentially grew up in musical family, which was always willing to support him in his advances to conquer your biggest dream: to sing.

Video: Gilliard – Aquela Nuvem (1979)

1 Pensamento
2 Aquela Nuvem – Gilliard
3 Eu Amo Amar Você (M’innamoro Di Te)
4 Suave É A Noite (Tender Is The Night)
5 Meditação
6 Doce Paixão
7 Timidez
8 Como Posso Te Chamar De Amiga Se Chamei De Amor
9 Quem Me Dera
10 Não Diga Nada – Leonardo
11 Do Jeito Que Você Deixou – César Augusto
12 Um Canto De Paz
13 Visagem
14 Esse Homem Chamado Jesus
15 Quem Viver Verá
16 Pouco A Pouco – Martinha

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