The Flower Of My Secret (La Flor De Mi Secreto)-Original Soundtrack 1994 Remastered 2000 CD-Used Like New $38.99


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The Flower Of My Secret (La Flor De Mi Secreto)-Original Soundtrack 1994

For years, Leo has been writing bestselling romantic novels (under the pseudonym Amanda Gris), but with her personal life in shambles, she finds it impossible to produce such sunny material. Unable to accept that her troubled marriage to Paco is over, Leo finds herself creatively and emotionally blocked. She finds little consolation from her mother and sister Rosa, who are so busy bickering with each other that they don’t notice Leo’s distress, and her best friend Betty, a psychologist who is secretly having an affair with Paco. One bright point is a new friendship with Angel, cultural editor of the daily paper El Pais, who unknowingly hires her to write an attack on her nom de plume, Amanda Gris.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1.   Ay Amor – Bola De Nieve
  2.   Tonada de luna llena – Caetano Veloso
  3.   En el ultimo trago – Chavela Vargas
  4.   Titulos
  5.   Casa con ventanas y libros
  6.   Brevemente
  7.   Retrato de Amanda Gris
  8.   Tango de Parla
  9.   En Madrid nunea es tarde
  10.  Fascinacion
  11.  Existe alguna posibilidad, por pequena que sea…
  12.  Interior
  13.  Escribe compulsivamente
  14.  Duo
  15.  Ingenua
  16.  Mi aldea
  17.  Que Leo?
  18.  Vertigo
  19.  Sola
  20.  La Flor de mi Secreto
  21.  Solea – Miles Davis
  22.  Poetry recited by Chus Lampreave from a song by… – Chus Lampreave

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